How do I book a session with you?!

First off, reach out! Hit that contact button up top! Don't worry if you don't know exact dates - we can figure that out together. I'd love to hear your ideas and what you're envisioning for your session. Once I get back to you and we figure out the perfect date, I'll send you a contract and invoice to hold the agreed upon date. Your date will not be reserved until these two things are completed. Leading up to your session, we'll find a great location! Colorado has just about everything there is to offer as far as beautiful backdrops go.

We're so awkward. We need someone to tell us what to do and how to pose.

Been there, done that! Almsot everyone tells me this - but do their galleries look awkward?? No!  I shoot with fun prompts that keep you and your loved one on your toes and having fun the entire session!  You may feel SO silly with what I come up with, but TRUST ME! I know how to make a cute photo of you two lovebirds. If we have time, I might even pull out my posing app to get some fresh ideas flowing!

What the heck do we wear?!

Not to worry - I've made a new wardrobe guide that walks you through everything! I'll email it over as soon as you book. This is your shoot, so pick out an outfit you love. Neutrals with a pop of color are my jam. I love black, taupe, burnt orange, mustard yellow, corduroy and denim. If you’ve seen my images, you know I live for movement, so picking clothing that has great movement is a must! I love dresses and hats, so I will always steer in that direction. ;) And don’t forget the accessories!

Do you shoot mini sessions?

I only offer mini sessions when I shoot mini marathons - usually closer to the holidays! I do not offer mini sessions on a regular basis, though.

How do you deliver the images?

I use a gallery hosting site. When your images are ready, I will send you the link and download code. And maybe a fun GIF because I get just as excited as you. Feel free to share these with your friends and family – I'd love to be tagged!

How long does it take to get my images back?

Portraits: up to four weeks. 
Engagement: up to four weeks.
Brand: up to four weeks.
Elopements: up to four weeks.
Weddings: up to eight weeks.

Do you travel?

Heck. to the. Yes. Traveling and experiencing new places is one of my biggest inspirations. After last year, I just want to see the dang world! Check my travel page — if I’m already in your city, no travel fees will incur!