If you live in Colorado, you’ve probably heard the grumblings. It’s over populated. The trailhead parking is full by 6am. There are not enough gyms to support the amount of people living here. Okay, that last one was me. I live in Castle Rock and it has boomed in the last 5 years. We moved […]


April 6, 2023

Why Weekday Elopements are Just Better in Colorado

Getting married in the off-season might not sound like your dream wedding. But let me assure you – you’ll have an easier time planning your wedding when others aren’t having theirs. First, let’s talk about the off-season. The off-season in Colorado is November to May. These are colder months with the possibility of snow or […]


March 15, 2023

Winter Weddings in Colorado

Wow! My first blog post. I’ve put off getting a blog for so long. Just one more hat to wear, right? As a photographer and small business owner, I already wear so many. I guess I should tell you about myself!  Hi, I’m taylor. If you’ve skimmed any of my site, you’ll know I don’t […]

Life + Business

February 22, 2023

Learning Photography by Painting with Light

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